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Team Status
Time Zone
Culture Map

Workspace of the Future

Keep your remote team together

What's Up

Discuss what's new and trending
in the company

Who is Available

Know who is in and instantly
collaborate with them

What's the Status

Be up to date on what is everybody working on

How is Everyone

See how everyone is doing in the
remote team

Vorkspace Features

Vorkspace is a complete Remote Team Software. It enables team dynamics,
creates constant communication, bridge the culture gap, and help remote team with time zone issues.

Why to choose us

Vorkspace enables a constant communication with remote teams through instant chat, video conferencing and discussion forums.

Check who in your remote team is available and start chatting as if you are physically located together.

Learn instantly whats going on with your team. Know the team mood, status, location and their availability.

Have timezone information on your finger tips for your remote teams.

Know when the best time to schedule an meeting between remote team members.

Instantly share with your team, files, links, online videos and more.

Have all your common resources available all the time.

Vorkspace bridges the gap between Cultural differences using a unique culture map which enables team members and managers to understand each other better and communicate effectively.

It helps the remote team member to know and understand each other cultures better by celebrating the culutural differences.

Vorkspace helps remote team create a unique online culture, by adding transparency, availability and accountability in the system.

It focuses on the most important aspect of a company, the team.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


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