Pitch About How Great Your Team Is — And Win!!

by Wendy Soon on September 15, 2015

Dollarphotoclub_58907019_introduceTeambannerWe are in a world where good salesmanship wins the race. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a product or yourself, you need to sell. Period. The bigger challenge comes when the time you have to sell is often limited to less than a minute. That is why it is so important to learn to pitch, and in as few words as possible. This is why we challenge you to pitch to us about why you have the best team, and ONLY IN SIX WORDS. What is it in your team that no other team has? (For a startup or for anything you’re doing). Share with us in 6 words “What makes your team the best team”? Remember, in just 6 words, no more and no less. (yes, we know you have an awesome team, but JUST SIX WORDS) And you can win amazing prizes. We promise you – it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We’ll be announcing winners on the day of our next meetup on 17th September! – where we will concurrently be learning to pitch from Chris Lipp, Stanford GSB’s pitch coach and author of The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding.

How to Submit: Think hard and think long, get creative or get real! Make a statement or just have fun. Submit your great idea. Use the format,

Startup Name: [Team Awesome-ness in 6 words] #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace

Tweet Examples:

  • Vorkspace: Challenge each other. Complement one another. #IgniterSV #Igniter6Word @Vorkspace
  • Vorkspace: We live and walk our talk #IgniterSV #Igniter6Word @Vorkspace

You think you can do better than that? We will see. Start Tweeting now! And remember, share your tweets and get as many of your friends to retweet them as possible, to increase your chances to win! No limits to the number of entries submitted per person. Contest ends 17th September (Thursday), 7pm PDT. Winners will be announced at our next meetup. (winners must be present at the meetup to redeem prizes).

Prizes: Winners with the best ideas will be selected based on the number of “retweets” and “favorites” of your idea, as well as our internal panel of judges.

Winners will receive the following attractive prizes:

1. Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies Gift bag (yummylicious bonus!) 7273042_orig



Dollarphotoclub_89166118_extrovertintrovertThe world population is made up of about a third to half introverts. But the typical workplace and work teams are generally designed for extroverts only. And recruitment processes tend to favor extroverts. Why is that so? And how will that impact your team’s performances? Are extroverts really better for the workplace, and are introverts really detrimental to the team such that hiring processes filter them away naturally? Studies and theories reveal that this is actually not the case. There are different situations which are best dealt with by different personality types, i.e. extroverts versus introverts. Some examples are as follows –


When extroverts are best:

  1. When many ideas need to be thrown about and exchanged quickly
  2. When leading a passive team of followers (see: Harvard Business Review study) https://hbr.org/2015/03/introverts-extroverts-and-the-complexities-of-team-dynamics
  3. When the job needs to interact with many people and/or strangers
  4. When social gatherings and networking events are aplenty
  5. When leading a group of people who require a strong vision and motivation
  6. When every day at the job is vastly different with no fixed schedules
  7. When a lot of physical energy is required


When introverts are best:

  1. When an eye for detail is critical
  2. When leading a proactive team see: Harvard Business Review study) https://hbr.org/2015/03/introverts-extroverts-and-the-complexities-of-team-dynamics
  3. When the work to be done requires no interaction (e.g. writing, editing)
  4. When you need someone to keep records of the meeting, and to track the progress thereafter
  5. When extremely deep focus is required at the job (e.g. research, data analysis)
  6. When deep trust and extended relationships are required on a one-on-one basis
  7. When leading a team that has lots of useful ideas that would benefit the team


As you can see from the above list, there are times when extroverts will help the team most, and other times when introverts will benefit the team most. Team dynamic complexities aren’t as simple as previously thought. With this in mind, it will be optimal to include both introverts and extroverts in your team whenever possible. This thought should be kept at the back of your mind during recruitment calls, to make sure you team always has the best balance of introverts and extroverts that your team requires. Of course, there will be team functions that still trend toward needing more extroverts or more introverts, but seldom will there be a team that will ONLY require a single personality type. That’s how the world is designed, and that’s how we should flex to make the most of it.


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