Tweet About How You Create Power — and WIN !!

by Wendy Soon on February 21, 2017

Every day you are relating to people and having conversations in the language of power. This language is spoken in social cues and behaviors that are key to establishing great relationships and influencing others. How to read this language of power, and how do you control it and create power to you advantage?

And before we listen to what Richard Cox has to say about creating power, what about yourself? How do YOU create power, status and authority? Short and sweet does the work! Remember, in just 6 words, no more and no less. Multiple entries are allowed for description of multiple teams you are involved in. And you can win amazing prizes. We promise you – it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We’ll be announcing winners on the day of our next meetup on 23rd Feb 2017 (Thur) – where Richard Cox from Stanford GSB speaks about creating authentic power in startups!

How to Submit: Think hard and think long, get creative or get real! Make a statement or just have fun. Submit your great idea. Use the format:
Startup Name: [I create power by _ _ _ _ _ _] #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace


Vorkspace: I create power by making use of social cues around #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace
Vorkspace: I create power by slowly gaining trust of my people #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace
You think you can do better than that? We will see. Start Tweeting now! And remember, share your tweets and get as many of your friends to retweet them as possible, to increase your chances to win! No limits to the number of entries submitted per person. Contest ends Feb 23rd, 7pm PDT. Winners will be announced at our next meetup with Richard Cox. (winners must be present at the meetup to redeem prizes).

Prizes: Winners with the best ideas will be selected based on the number of “retweets” and “favorites” of your idea, as well as our internal panel of judges.

Winners will receive the following attractive prizes!


And not to be missed:

Event: Hacking Your Power with Entrepreneurs, by Richard Cox

Date: 23rd Feb 2017 (Thurs)



About the Speaker:

Rich Cox challenges leaders, groups and companies to stretch farther and achieve more. He helps world leaders and change-makers inspire others to action. He unlocks the creative genius in entrepreneurs and teams so they can go out and dent the universe. He enables leaders to find their authentic voice and stand up as their most powerful selves. He transforms organizations into resilient cultures that thrive and adapt.Rich founded People Rocket, A Management Design Firm, combining Business, Academics, Arts, and Design to brings a fresh, innovative, design-fueled approach to sustainably increase the performance of people, teams and cultures. Rich coaches executives, leaders and teams at organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, Istanbul 2020 Olympic Bid Committee, TEDx, Mozilla, Google, Cisco, and JP Morgan Chase.

Rich is a Lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and teaches at the Stanford Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( He is also a Guest Lecturer at London Business School and Aalto University in Helsinki.In addition, Rich is an improv performer and coach. His improv troupe, Fully Improvised, performed full length plays in the style of David Mamet, and musicals in the style of Stephen Sondheim. He integrates improv tools and mindsets into his work on creativity, innovation and leadership on organizational stages around the world as a speaker and consultant.

He has walked from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and now lives in San Francisco with his dog Ali.


Free Igniter Annual Premium Membership!

by Vorkspace Team on February 18, 2017


Abraham Lincoln said that nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Our Power Hacking for Entrepreneur’s session is just around the corner, RSVP­ now to learn all about Power, Status and Authority from the Stanford lecturer, Richard Cox. RSVP here if you haven’t already­

The question which will get you FREE annual premium membership of Igniters is.

How do YOU create power, status and authority? The BEST Answer wins the Prize. Free Igniter Annual Premium Membership! How do you participate. Email rajlal(@)live your answer. Simple.

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