vorkspace_trust1Mother Theresa once said of herself, that “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” The same applies to our startups. Many of us dream of disruptive innovations that can change the world. We want to be the next Steve Jobs who changed the world with smartphones and sleek designs; Larry Page / Eric Schmidt who redefined the search engine experience; or Elon Musk who tried to save the environment through the coolest car technology.

Besides creating the best disruptive innovations, how about amplifying the effect of your startup by tapping on to the community around you? Just like what Mother Theresa said, you can cast a big stone with your startup, but you can create ripples (or waves) by engaging the community in your quest to make a difference.

Join us to learn about how we can hack our startups socially, at our next meetup on 30th April, where Tatyana Kanzaveli will be speaking specifically on how to create these ripples! Sign up now to reserve a seat!


About the Speaker:

Tatyana Kanzaveli  is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and mentor. Throughout her 20 year career, she has gone from a programmer to senior executive at Big 5 to founder and CEO of a startup company,recognized as a thought leader, mentor for her ability to guide Fortune 500 and startup companies through business challenges.

She’s worked for major companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Fujitsu and startups in the early days of the Web. Tatyana has personally helped companies jump from 0 to millions in revenue even during the toughest economic times. She opened new verticals and markets, with expertise in Europe and US.

Today she is the founder and CEO of Open Cancer Network, the startup in a Big Data/Healthcare space. She is a mentor at 500Startups and serves on boards for private companies. She also is licensee and organizer of highly notable TEDxBayArea conferences focused on Global Women Entrepreneurs, she is a frequent speaker at US and International conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship , and marketing. She is also a 500 Startups mentor, CEO, advisor to startups, worked at Deloitte, and a TEDxBayArea Organizer.

Tatyana was USSR chess champion, and played in the same team with Gary Kasparov. She loves to cook and kayak.


Infographic: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

by Wendy Soon on April 7, 2014

Our recent blog post on the 7 habits of highly effective teams was very popular, so here we are, providing it once again, but as an infographic so you can easily share it with your friends!


2014-Mar_keeping focused

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