Tweet about How You Build Trust – and WIN!!

by Wendy Soon on November 2, 2016

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Trust is something that we need and desire from everyone around us. However, it takes a long time and a lot of effort to build it up. And it takes only a split second to lose it all. In a startup setting where most of the team members are unfamiliar with one another, coupled with the high stress levels from building something world-changing while worrying about getting funded, how do you build trust? How do you make sure you don’t offend the person sitting next to you, but instead grow to trust him/her?
We know that you have spent many years of your life honing your methods to increase other peoples’ trust in you (be it your boss, your family member, your best friend, or a new customer). So why not share it with everyone? Short and sweet does the work! Remember, in just 6 words, no more and no less. Multiple entries are allowed for description of multiple teams you are involved in. And you can win amazing prizes. We promise you – it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We’ll be announcing winners on the day of our next meetup on 4th Nov 2016 (Fri) – where Joel Peterson from Stanford GSB speaks about building trust in startups!
How to Submit: Think hard and think long, get creative or get real! Make a statement or just have fun. Submit your great idea. Use the format:

Startup Name: [I build trust by  _ _ _ _ _ _] #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace

  • Vorkspace: I build trust by putting effort to know them personally #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace
  • Vorkspace: I build trust by setting the example and communicating openly #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace

You think you can do better than that? We will see. Start Tweeting now! And remember, share your tweets and get as many of your friends to retweet them as possible, to increase your chances to win! No limits to the number of entries submitted per person. Contest ends Nov 04th, 7pm PDT. Winners will be announced at our next meetup with Joel Peterson. (winners must be present at the meetup to redeem prizes).

Prizes: Winners with the best ideas will be selected based on the number of “retweets” and “favorites” of your idea, as well as our internal panel of judges.

Winners will receive the following attractive prizes!
1. Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies Gift bag (yummylicious bonus!) 7273042_orig


2. “10 Laws of Trust” book by Joel Peterson

The 10 Laws of Trust Book Cover



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Leadership in Crisis and Change: Treat Your Team Like They Will Make a Difference and They Will.

Companies have been trying to add change management responsibilities to their existing human resources work load for years. The truth is that this model does not produce a desired outcome for many. Having a leadership communication strategy prepared has become a key element for crisis and change management success.

During this presentation, Cynthia Johnson will share her own experience with post acquisition change management, crisis management and communication, and remote team building. She will also be offering an interactive session on leadership in crisis communication and change management. Not to be missed!


Date: 15 September 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 7pm

Venue: Santa Clara, CA

Sign Up: HERE


About the Speaker:

Cynthia Johnson is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, columnist, and keynote speaker. She was previously Partner & Director of Marketing for RankLab, a digital marketing agency listed in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2015. In July of 2015 RankLab was acquired by American Addiction Centers and Cynthia is now their Director of Brand Development. She is an adviser to along side former Apple executive Bill Cleary, she is the Educational Director and Global Board member at Social Media Club, a member of YEC (Young Entrepreneurs Council), and committee member for the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation to cure Batten Disease. Cynthia’s work has been published in Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, and Entrepreneur.

She is a current contributing columnist for Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal, Startup Grind, Business2Community, and several other industry specific publications. She speaks at several industry and motivational conferences each year, such as Pubcon, SMX West, and the Millennium Alliance’s Transformation CMO. She is currently co-writing a book on the integration of search and social media.


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