How To Conduct UX Research — and WIN!!

by Wendy Soon on July 27, 2015


User experience, or UX, is not as easy as it seems. It’s not something you can design and optimize out of “instinct”, or simply by copying what other people are already doing. It needs to be catered to your product, and catered well. In order to do that, Laura Klein proposes a two-pronged approach – quantitative and qualitative analyses. Sounds fancy? Not really. Just come by on 30th July 2015 (Thursday) to listen to her describe how she would hack UX research! Sign up HERE if you haven’t yet done so.

To maximize your experience at our user experience meetup (yeah), we suggest you start thinking about it prior to the event. How would YOU conduct UX research for your product? Or how have you been doing it so far? Share with us in 6 words “How do you conduct UX research for your product”? Remember, in just 6 words, no more and no less. (yes, we know you have many creative ideas, but JUST SIX WORDS) And you can win amazing prizes. We promise you – it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We’ll be announcing winners on the day of our next meetup on 30th July!

How to Submit: Think hard and think long, get creative or get real! Make a statement or just have fun. Submit your great idea. Use the format,

Startup Name: [UX Research method in 6 words] #igniter6Word #IgniterSV @vorkspace

Tweet Examples:

  • Vorkspace: Gather feedback from our first users #IgniterSV #Igniter6Word @Vorkspace
  • Vorkspace: Research on similar products’ user experience #IgniterSV #Igniter6Word @Vorkspace

You think you can do better than that? We will see. Start Tweeting now! And remember, share your tweets and get as many of your friends to retweet them as possible, to increase your chances to win! No limits to the number of entries submitted per person. Contest ends 30th July 2015 (Thursday), 7pm PDT. Winners will be announced at our next meetup. (winners must be present at the meetup to redeem prizes).

Prizes: Winners with the best ideas will be selected based on the number of “retweets” and “favorites” of your idea, as well as our internal panel of judges.

Winners will receive the following attractive prizes:

1. Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies Gift bag (yummylicious bonus!) 7273042_orig



5 Best Countries to Work From Home

by Wendy Soon on July 21, 2015

telecommunicationEver thought of working remotely? Ever wondered where would be the best place to do so? Here we suggest 5 countries that would be best to work remotely from:

  1. United States of America. Remote culture is probably the most widespread in the USA, and thus will be less difficult to convince your employer to let you work from home. The remote work culture probably started in America because of the large size of the country. work places can be very far away from home, requiring long hours of commuting and wasted time. It is even more common to require relocation even when finding a job in the same country, because even the neighbouring state can be a few hours’ drive away! With the popularity and wide acceptance of remote work (or at least partial remote work in some cases), the USA would be the easiest place to start working remotely.
  2. India. Here, you are located at the other side of the globe, with a 12 to 15 hour time zone difference. So American companies will gladly take you in so you can get work done while everyone else is asleep. Talk about productivity! It is also common to require people working “through the night” in service provider companies, so that they are able to provide round-the-clock services without the need of having their employees work red eye hours. You just need to be located at the right place on the globe to cover these night shifts comfortably.
  3. Hong Kong. To work remotely, you will need a good internet connection. In the hyper dense city of Hong Kong, internet speed is the fastest in the world – with an average internet speed of about 63.6 megabits per second – three times the global average of 18.4Mbps! Working from a place with such fast internet speed would allow you to communicate very effectively with your team, wherever they are. Email, video conferencing, chats, file transfers. Nothing will faze you. In fact, they might even not realize that you are not working in-person at the office!
  4. Sweden. Ever heard of the 2 year maternity leave, that beats any other country in the world? The 2 year maternity leave that can be shared between father or mother? Yes, you’ve probably guessed it – you can work from home during your leave! 2 years is a really long time. Enjoy every bit of it, but use it to get a feel of how working from home could possibly be like. You might jolly well consider “extending” the leave to an endless one by working remotely after that!
  5. Maldives. Not that there is anything special about the Maldives’ internet or culture, but isn’t that an awesome place to be able to work remotely from? Sitting by the beach, enjoying a sip of cocktail, and sun tanning while you get your paycheck rolling in. How would you like that? Of course, most people don’t want to think about work when they go vacationing at the Maldives. But if you could work remotely from there, it could mean a permanent vacation. In that case, why not?



Engaging and Motivating Your Users with Gamification – Mario Herger

July 14, 2015

Gamification is the use of game-like elements in non-game contexts. Mario Herger – CEO, founder and partner of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy LLC, gave us an overview of how to use Gamification to engage and motivate your users. Here are our notes from the session:   Kids in the workspace today are very familiar with video […]

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This is Why you Need UX Research…

July 13, 2015

Thankfully we have Laura Klein coming to Igniters Author of UX For Lean Startups which is essentially all of Igniters. To teach us how to Use Better Data to Build Better Products Qualitative Research or Quantitative Research? Instead of debating whether you should talk to users or measure their behavior, you should be doing both. […]

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Why Transitioning to Remote Working Is Easier Than You Think

July 2, 2015

If you’re considering switching from spending your days at the office to working remotely, you’ll be happy to know it can be a fairly simple transition. It may be intimidating, but don’t let that hold you back.   Whether you’re moving to a new city for a fresh start, your partner got a new job […]

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Housefull of GoToMarket Hacking at Igniters with Michael Eckhardt

June 22, 2015

Here are the Pictures from the GoToMarket Hacking at Igniters with Michael Eckhardt

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What do you want to know about Product Launch from Michael Eckhardt at Igniters GoToMarket Hacking session?

June 22, 2015

We let our members ask the question to Michael Eckhardt on their Venture Launch and we were flooded with questions. Here are the top ones which got instant prizes. What are the most critical tasks for the week before the launch? Scaling pathway Knowledge to sell and understand the market ! When do customers occur? […]

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Your Go-To-Market Strategy in 6 Words – Tweet and WIN!

June 15, 2015

You build your product(or at-least working on it). Do you have a plan or at least thought about the strategy to Go-To-Market? Yes, then here is your chance to Win! Share with us in 6 words “Your Go-To-Market Strategy” for your venture launch! Remember, strategy for your startup’s awesome product, in just 6 words, no more and no less. (yes, […]

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Top 5 TED talks on Team

June 10, 2015

Tired of reading loads of information about team, but not getting much of the essence? Watch TED talks instead, which has the best spokespersons about teamwork to speak about the topic in 10-20 minute sessions. Below are some of the popular picks of TED talks regarding teamwork – some of which are also highly recommended […]

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Top 13 Remote Team Building Activities (Infographics)

June 2, 2015

Check the team guide on the Top 13 Remote Team Building Activities

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