35 Tools to Manage a Remote Team

by Wendy Soon on May 30, 2016

iStock_000026847322Small_collaborationtoolAre you having a remote team and facing problems while doing any meetings? Don’t worry. There is a wide range of tools that can help you remove the distance between the team members and help you conduct the meetings or share files with your team members. Below is a list of popular tools used by remote teams (in no particular order):

  1. Slack: Popular app to manage a remote team. Available on Mac, Android and PC

Pricing: basic edition is free, Standard edition> 6,65$/user/month, and Premium edition> 12,50$/user/month.

Major Activity: Personal or open channels, group chat, file sharing, searchable archives.

Superior For: One can find all messages in one place.

Website: https://slack.com/

  1. Join.me: An important tool for virtual meetings.

Pricing: Basic version is free, Pro version> 20$/user/month, and Enterprise version> 25$/user/month.

Major Activity: Meeting, screen share, user friendly.

Superior For: Meeting.

Website: http://join.me/

  1. Skype: Communicating with the team is easy via Skype.

Pricing: basic version is free, business version> 2$/user/month (call credits is excluded)

Major Activity: Chatting, video and voice calling, calling phone numbers for a low cost.

Superior For: Swift Communication.

Website: https://skype.com/

  1. Yammer: It is a personal social network like having your own Facebook.

Pricing: It is part of the Office 365 Business plan: Essential edition> 5$/user/month, Business edition> 8.25$/user/month, Business Premium> 12.50$/user/month

Major Activity: Communication and cooperation, designed to work flawlessly with other Office 365 products

Superior For: Effortless communication and getting fast feedback

Website: https://www.yammer.com/

  1. HipChat: Business chatting tool that also can be used for screen share and video calls.

Pricing: Basic edition is free, Plus is 2$/user/month

Major Activity: Chatting, screen sharing, video calling, archives which are searchable.

Superior For: Informal communications and meetings

Website: https://www.hipchat.com/

  1. GoToMeeting: Another device for online meeting.

Pricing: Starter plan is 24$/organizer/month, Pro plan is 39$/organizer/month, and Plus plan is 49$/organizer/month

Major Activity: Video and voice calls, screen share, demo the meeting, customized URL

Superior For: Meetings

Website: http://www.gotomeeting.com/

  1. Google Hangouts: Perfect for communicating with your team.

Pricing: Free.

Major Activity: Voice and video calls, screen share, chatting, watching videos together.

Superior For: Fast communication

Website: https://hangouts.google.com/

  1. Webex: Made for meetings, events, etc.

Pricing: Depends on the product and person number.

Major Activity: Meetings, webinars, trainings, distant support

Superior For: Large team.

Website: http://www.webex.com/

  1. UberConference: Useful for conference calls.

Pricing: Basic edition is free, Business edition is 10$/organizer/month

Major Activity: Chatting, screen sharing, video calling, archives which are searchable.

Superior For: Conference calls.

Website: https://www.uberconference.com/

  1. Flowdock: Apps for a group of person with chat and inbox activity.

Pricing: Free for the team which is having 5 members. More than 5, it is $3/user/month.

Major Activity: Chatting, inbox, archives which are searchable.

Superior For: Communication in a single place.

Website: https://www.flowdock.com/

  1. Sqwiggle: Appropriate for those who wants to create a culture in his/her remote team.

Pricing: Basic edition is free, Plus edition> 9$/user/month, Enterprise edition> 25+$/user/month

Major Activity: Chatting, video calling, snapshots of the team members.

Superior For: Fast communication.

Website: https://www.sqwiggle.com/

  1. 15Five: It is a tool for maintaining employee meeting.

Pricing: First 10 people $49 per month and more than 10 user $5/user/month.

Major Activity: Every week it sends few questions to each team member.

Superior For: Remove distance between the team member.

Website: http://www.15five.com/

  1. Sameroom: Little bit different than the other tools.

Pricing: Test version is free, Basic version> 9$/month, Pro version> 49$/month, and Sumo edition> 99$/month.

Major Activity: Can connect with other communication devices.

Superior For: While your team uses separate devices

Website: https://sameroom.io/open-a-tube

  1. Trello: It is a trendy option for team managing.

Pricing: Indispensable version is free, Business version> 8.33$/user/month, Enterprise edition> 20.83$/user/month

Major Activity: Can boards, lists, cards, assigning members, commenting, checklists, due dates, attachments and labels.

Superior For: All types of project management.

Website: https://trello.com/


  1. Asana: From start to finish of a project Asana can help perfectly.

Pricing: Indispensable version is free, Asana Premium> 8.33$/user/month

Major Activity: Members are assigned for the dashboard, tasks, members can comment on that, visualization progress.

Superior For: All types of project management.

Website: https://asana.com

  1. Google Docs: Tremendous for sharing any file.

Pricing: Free.

Major Activity: Sharing files, editing, commenting and chatting.

Superior For: Sharing and editing files.

Website: https://docs.google.com

  1. Quip: By using Quip you can communicate with your team at the equivalent place.

Pricing: Basic edition free, Team edition > $10 for 10 persons, $40 for 20 persons/month, Business edition> 12$/user/month, and the Enterprise edition> 25$/user/month

Major Activity: Editing together, chatting and commenting into the document.

Superior For: Editing together

Website: https://quip.com/

  1. Basecamp: To keep track of any project, Basecamp is one of the popular tools.

Pricing: First Basecamp is free, then $20 per month with unlimited user. The “Basecamp for us”> 29$/month, The “Basecamp with clients”> 79$/month, The “Basecamp big” (for enterprise) is 3000$/year.

Major Activity: To-do sheet, message boards, sharing files, routine check in.

Superior For: Managing project, maintain the team closer.

Website: https://basecamp.com/

  1. Pivotal Tracker: This tool is recommended for software team.

Pricing: Startup> free, $15 or $35/month, Pro> $75, $150, $300/month)

Major Activity: Collaborating, sharing.

Superior For: Managing and co-operating for software team.

Website: https://www.pivotaltracker.com

  1. Jira: This tool is for software development team.

Pricing: Depends on the user and features that you want to use.

Major Activity: Planning and tracking of projects.

Superior For: Managing and co-operating for software team.

Website: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/

  1. Confluence: Basically made for maintaining any types of project rather than managing a team.

Pricing: Depends on the user and features that you want to use.

Major Activity: Collecting and organizing information, searching, creating and discussing regarding documents.

Superior For: Managing team, particularly who is using Jira.

Website: https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence.


  1. Assembla: Important for the web developers.

Pricing: Individual version> 24$/month, Group version> 49$/month, and Pro> 99$/month.

Major Activity: Managing project, collaboration with clients, tracking each other.

Superior For: Web developers

Website: https://www.assembla.com/home

  1. Github: Important for the web developers.

Pricing: Individual version> 24$/month, Group version> 49$/month, and Pro> 99$/month.

Major Activity: Reviewing code, collaboration between the member

Superior For: Web developers

Website: https://github.com/

  1. Podio: User friendly project management device.

Pricing: basic is 9$/user/month, Plus is 14$/user/month, Premium is 24$/user/month

Major Activity: Sharing, a lot of options and extensions.

Superior For: Project management

Website: https://podio.com/

  1. Sandglaz: Very normal project management device.

Pricing: $5/user/month.

Major Activity: Sharing, commenting

Superior For: fast and normal project management

Website: https://www.sandglaz.com/

  1. Taskworld: Simple project management device.

Pricing: $11/user/month/workspace.

Major Activity: Chatting, can create new channels and groups.

Superior For: All types of project management

Website: https://taskworld.com

  1. Propad: A project management tool which helps to maintain the backlog.

Pricing: Plus> 59$/month, Premium> 299$/month, and Unlimited> 2499$/month

Major Activity: Idea capturing, managing backlog.

Superior For: All types of product development and project management

Website: https://www.prodpad.com/

  1. Duel: An important tool for the freelancers and small business owners.

Pricing: $49 – single fee.

Major Activity: Time tracker, saving and discussing on projects.

Superior For: Freelancers and small business owners.

Website: https://duetapp.com/

  1. Cloud9: Device for developing codes.

Pricing: Basic is free, Micro> 9$/month, Small> 19$/month, Medium> 39$/month, and Large> 79$/month

Major Activity: Editing and developing codes,

Superior For: Teams who developed codes.

Website: https://c9.io/

  1. Draft: Made for writing.

Pricing: Free.

Major Activity: Saving draft, tracking edits and changes.

Superior For: Writing.

Website: https://draftin.com

  1. Hackpad: Hackpad is for immediate cooperation.

Pricing: For personal use, it is free, for the individual workspace> $2/user.

Major Activity: Assigning tasks to members, so many collaboration options.

Superior For: Simple collaboration.

Website: https://hackpad.com/

  1. Glip: Device for managing and sharing tasks.

Pricing: Basic is free, Pro> $10/user/month.

Major Activity: Managing and sharing tasks, sharing files, chatting.

Superior For: Managing tasks and communication.

Website: https://glip.com/

  1. Charlie: It is a personal assistant app , which will do research for you.

Pricing: Free

Major Activity: Do research on the person with whom you are meeting.

Superior For: Persons who have to attend lots of meetings, but can not do research due to shortage of time.

Website: https://charlieapp.com/

  1. Google Calender: Very effective tool to keep the tack of your meetings.

Pricing: Free

Major Activity: Creating events and meeting date, setting up reminders.

Superior For: Everyone

Website: https://calendar.google.com

  1. Evernote: It is a replacement of Sticky Note.

Pricing: Basic version is free, Plus> 24,99$/year, Premium> 49,99$/year

Major Activity: Saves anything (ideas, posts in internet) that you want.

Superior For: Everyone

Website: https://evernote.com/


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