6 Best Personality Types for Remote Workers

by Wendy Soon on March 28, 2016

personality_bannerWondering if you are suited for working remotely? Or wondering what kind of candidates you should ideally hire for your remote team? Here is a list of top personality types that work best for remote teams.


  1. People who enjoy ambiguity – Not everyone can deal with ambiguity, but remote workers need to be comfortable with it to be comfortable working remotely. The Global Integration research shows that being comfortable with ambiguity is in fact a key requirement of virtual working. People who thrive on detailed instructions and timelines from their superiors will struggle in a virtual working environment that provides a large space for independence.
  2. Organized people – Virtual teams tend to have less structures and processes in place. Thus inherently organized people will thrive better by initiating their own processes and keeping themselves organized at work.
  3. ESTJ Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment, also known as the “Executive” or “Supervisor” Myers Briggs personality trait. These type of people are extremely methodical in their work, focused on establishing and optimizing processes to increase work efficiencies. This type of remote workers will be happy to initiate their own processes and will be very organized. They will naturally love to use project management tools and other online tracking softwares that are needed in a remote team.
  4. Carefree people – Workers with few outside obligations such as family responsibilities will bond much better to their remote team, experiencing higher cohesion and obligation to the rest of the team. This is supported by a recent study published in the Journal of Management, led by Sara Perry, an assistant professor at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business.
  5. Entrepreneurial peoplePeople who have a track record of launching side projects or collaborating on different initiatives. These are very driven people, who are easily self-motivated by the work they do, rather than the monetary or statutory benefits. Look for initiative starters, people who are more of leaders than followers. .

  6. Results-Oriented people– These people pride themselves on the work they do and the results they produce. They have a track record of working long hours, investing heavily in their work, and produce a tonne of results. These are the people that you can have on your remote team and not bother about micromanaging nor tracking the time they are working, because they will easily be exceeding your expectations.

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