Effects of working from home — An Infographic

by Wendy Soon on February 14, 2014

iStock_000007167597Small_banner2Working from home has many benefits. Our earlier blog post pointed out the cost effectiveness of employees working from home (hey, it’s FREE!), and many other advantages of having a distributed team in a company.

Why do we keep talking about remote working? That’s because >10% of employed adults in the United States works from home at least once a week — a trend that is expected to dramatically increase in the next couple of years. Amongst those who have options to work from home, 47% expressed satisfaction with their jobs, almost double that of office-bound folks. Why do people like to work from home? The most common reason is to avoid commute (71%), while other popular reasons include flexibility (66%) and saving money (31%). Ultimately, allowing employees work from home saves on real estate costs (no office required!), increases productivity of employees, and decreases turnover of employees!

Here’s an infographic to put all that into perspective:


2014-Jan Effects_of_working_from_home

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