How will you make your Product Habit forming? Questions for Nir Eyal.

by Wendy Soon on April 6, 2015

Dollarphotoclub_72180245_faqbannerIn preparation for the Igniters Meetup with Nir Eyal, author of “Hooked”, here are some frequently asked questions from our attendees. Answers to them to follow in the next blog post with notes from Nir’s session.


  1. What makes subscription business sticky?
  2. How do you move people from old habits to new habits?
  3. How to find that perfect balance between ready to ship versus investing more time to make it better?
  4. How to best apply this method to internal tools and systems deployment for new product development?
  5. Our planned “hook” won’t kick in until our network grows. Have you seen products hook early adopters with one mechanism then switch to another for the average user?
  6. How do you validate ideas that should affect the user in the long term?
  7. What is the best way to provide flexibility in a software product without becoming too generic or having too many settings?
  8. I’m building a payment system invention that lets money flow continuously (thats never been done before PP), want to test beta with users in Feb, want these users to recommend the product (free to use & invite only into test beta). Would love to learn your thoughts about enticing habit forming behaviors across a portfolio of products/services (current and future).
  9. We created an app that prevents you from getting hacked remotely, and simply stay secure. A lot of people still don’t care about privacy, they have “nothing to hide.” How do we get them to change their mind?
  10. We’re building a product that is changing the way people go about a problem and I’d like to learn how Nir thinks about it.
  11. What advice / strategies do you have for technology products aimed at the non – ­tech savvy? (esp. older generations)
  12. What are the most common positive human urges that translate into the desire to self-improve and/or increase self­ care and/or communicate?
  13. Actionable steps to form teams that is serious about design
  14. I’d like to discuss about measuring the right metrics to test the most important hypothesis.
  15. What do you think an enterprise software startup should focus on, the UX/UI or functionality?
  16. How do you form habits for something that may not be particularly enjoyable, but is important for the user to do? i.e. healthcare, education
  17. How do I get a customer hooked on a lite version of my app? My market is medical practices
  18. More details into new ideas regarding the rewards.
  19. How much influence does the users profession (e.g. lawyer, doctor, teacher etc) have on developing a \”hook­able\” mobile app?
  20. How to use behavioral science for hooking?
  21. Product Scalability
  22. For typically tech­-averse users, can you recommend any habit­-forming tricks to shorten the comfort curve in advance to making the product habit-­forming?
  23. Dealing with privacy related fears of our users ­- what’s the best way to build trust?
  24. We have a marketplace business for learning materials. I can’t seem to find the right “hooks” because people mostly need our materials on a one time basis, or at a particular time in their life…as opposed to maybe something like an Instagram.
  25. If there are any innovative ways to incorporate hooks into a location-­based messaging app?
  26. In a subscription model business, what is the best practice for retaining subscribers when the product is of a niche category?
  27. While I certainly see the intersection of psychology, computer science and product design (given I have degrees in all), what led you to it?
  28. How to build a great product in short duration?
  29. Nir’s view on behavioral design
  30. What happens to us all (and to teenagers), when product developers get better and better at creating habit-­forming products? (specifically socially)

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