FAQ for Pitch Hacking – JD Schramm

by Wendy Soon on November 26, 2014

Dollarphotoclub_60239134_FAQWhat are the most common queries people have regarding making pitches? Here are some of the FAQs from the Igniters – to be answered by JD Schramm of Stanford Graduate School of Business in our next blog post.

  1. “Approach and tactics, level of granularity, how much information should you provide but still protect your idea, level of polish and supporting business plan”
  2. “What are some good story elements for an enterprise product pitch? It’s a cut-and-dry product”
  3. “How to make a WOW effect?”
  4. “Best lessons learnt?”
  5. “How much does the message influence the pitch, and how much is determined by the audience?
  6. “Explain, as the tests I used to take would say – please!”
  7. “I am a first time entrepreneur and would like to know Dos and Don’ts for Pitch to investors and to the Press.”
  8. “How can I improve my intro pitch, that I do when I meet a person for the first time?”
  9. “How do I know when to stop pitching and start listening?”
  10. “Why did it work? What are the cues that will make the investors say yes?”
  11. “How can I make a meaningful connection to investors with a personal anecdote?”
  12. “Learn about pitching”
  13. “How do you stay motivated to give your best everyday?”
  14. “How best to start to immediately engage your audience?”
  15. “How do I make someone seriously consider investing in my company?”
  16. “Should I start telling my personal story? What are the advantages in being personal? Is it more engaging?”
  17. “How much should I balance the personal journey/discovery with the business history?”
  18. “What is the biggest contributor to a best pitch in shifting one’s mindset beyond the tipping point?”
  19. “What makes a good hook for a pitch?”
  20. “How to create stories that resonate in a B2B sales context?”
  21. “How do I clarify the value of my business in an “elevator pitch.””
  22. “Should I open the pitch with one sentence to describe the concept and ground the discussion?”
  23. “What should I improve?”
  24. “Can you share the best pitch you ever heard?”
  25. “How do you craft a story that the audience will want to retell? Should you attempt to retain attribution or credit for the story?”
  26. “Different parts of the stories connect with different people in different ways. What should you put in your pitch if its a 2 min pitch, 10 min pitch, 30 min presentation or a 1 hour pitch so that it flows well?”
  27. “I want to see JD take a seemingly simple idea and do the story telling using it”
  28. “Is there one most effective order in which to pitch, e.g., biz opportunity, market size, team, biz model, investment required?”
  29. “How to get maximum impact?”
  30. “How does authenticity add to pitch power?”
  31. “How to do better storytelling?”

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