FAQ on Startups for Steve Blank

by Wendy Soon on September 15, 2014

Dollarphotoclub_59946916_startupFQbannerWith the many theories and startup models that Steve Blank has suggested and taught, I bet you have loads of questions to clarify with him as you try to apply his tips to your own startup. What do you want to hear from Steve when you meet him at our next meetup? We’ve prepared a list of FAQ for him, feel free to add on so we can make sure you get your questions heard and answered by Steve Blank himself on 25th Sept! 🙂


  1. “What tools or techniques do you use to stay focused and maximize the efficiency of your time?”
  2. “What are the coolest trends now”
  3. “My market is in Italy (ski areas), how can I attract investments from SV to Italy?”
  4. “Phroogal, Phroogal, Phroogal.”
  5. “How do you get cofounders to leave the product development alone with regard to micromanagement about every technical detail.”
  6. “Understand the process of customer acquisition and retention”
  7. “How can I apply Agile development to a hardware startup?”
  8. “At the very early stages when customer numbers are low, how do you know whether to change a feature (statistically insignificant if 2-3 people want a certain feature, etc.)? Also, if customers aren’t giving feedback, how do you motivate them?”
  9. “Strategies and trends in emerging markets”
  10. “After you measure and know you have a good product idea, how do you find people to help build an MVP of you yourself are not technical.”
  11. “How do you know when to pivot in a service-based company where each project is too large for iterative adjustments?”
  12. “How do you know when to pivot in a service-based company where each project is too large for iterative adjustments?”
  13. “Nothing in particular this moment. Hear to just pickup general startup conversation!”
  14. “Like to understand Enterprise selling, how a product can be presented to Enterprise as a solution.”
  15. “What is the first step to starting a startup. ”
  16. “What have people told you has been the most helpful in starting up out of all of your teachings?”
  17. “Trying to start a company around new product category but I’m not a Steve Jobs. any advice?”
  18. “I want to ask Steve Blank about the deciding factors of building products for countries where limited public data is available other than talking to individuals.”
  19. “How to build a healthy well funded startup”
  20. “who to recruit and retain talented programmers with minimal cost?”
  21. “Is there a specific trigger that says “no go – move on to the next venture” or one just needs to persevere and keep solving problems until all is working?”
  22. “how to penetrate a customer market that has a centered old school culture”
  23. “Is there a business model in finding out ways to make education accessible to lower strata of society in developing countries.”
  24. “How to keep focused without distracting by the noise from noise all around especially some early customers?”
  25. “What do you think is the best method for engaging entrepreneurs with explaining the importance of finance?”
  26. “To highlight the most effective aspects of the best investor presentations he has seen.”
  27. “How to acquire new customers?”
  28. “how to build a successful startup.”
  29. “Do you need to advertise at all if you have the best product ever?”
  30. “What do you think about Peter Thiel’s critique of Lean Startup?”
  31. “how businesses are using “customer discovery” in existing business.”
  32. “About figuring out the market fit for a product.”
  33. “How to decide when is the right time for funding, especially for ux experts able to bootstrap”
  34. “Advice on starting an online retail business.”
  35. “Can you be too lean? i’m a single founder for the last 3 years and working with one freelance developer. Have scaled to 40million pageviews per month and monthly costs less than $500/month”
  36. “starting own consulting business”
  37. “What’s some key characteristics/traits of successful entrepreneurs? Will management consulting experience help or maybe, on the contrary, hinder one’s journey to start his/her owncpany?”
  38. “What are the best tools to get feedback in the very early stage of starting the company.”
  39. “Should startups make money from the start. At what point they become not viable anymore.”
  40. “Willing to learn more in order to ask better questions later.”
  41. “How to craft a defensible go to market strategy for early investors when customer engagement has only begun?”
  42. “What is the best way to find Angel Groups in SV?”
  43. “How to hire mobile apps developers with a budget?”
  44. “Is my startup product market fit strategy ideal? What should i improve?”
  45. “when do you know you have a legit startup and not just a idea with people rallying around it?”
  46. “How to go about lean user acquisition in a crowded space (online travel) competing against big bucks.”
  47. “At what point does it make sense to pitch for venture funding?”
  48. “How to find a market fit in the biotech industry?”
  49. “How does he hire people?”
  50. “What do you see as the comparative risks between infrastructure startups, and Web 2.0 startups?”
  51. “What do you look for in a startup?”
  52. “Do government contractors fit this model, or are we really just talking about private sector, free market companies?”
  53. “Is it possible for a new startup to succeed if the CEO is not the “Head of Customer Development”? How does that work, or not work?”
  54. “What are the famous hacks historically in start-ups marketing?”
  55. “How to rapidly monetize from customer development cycle”
  56. “Co-founder hacks, VC management, Growth consistency”
  57. “Best strategies to test partnership interest (where ability to secure partnerships is key).”
  58. “When collecting my customer data am I slimming my selections down to a specific target customer… Or do I start the selecting during customer development”
  59. “What’s the quickest strategy to validate a startup concept?”
  60. “Difference between lean startups and b2b ones.”
  61. “The latest experiments / lessons on Customer development”
  62. “Pursuing multiple ventures at once vs. focus, initial customer acquisition and when to abandon ideas.”
  63. “What are the most important skill sets you should have between your co-founders? ”
  64. “Does a single-founder start-up work?”
  65. “strategies for B2B customer development”
  66. “Are there any modifications to customer development you would suggest for bootstrapped businesses? How should you apply the principles if you are trying to get a business going on the side? In other words, what if you still have a day job?”

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