How to find disruptive innovation opportunities?

by Wendy Soon on December 30, 2013

iStock_000002459974Small_innovation_banner2Disruption isn’t about pleasing everyone. It’s about capturing market share in new and innovative ways…which is bound to piss off industry vets sooner or later. And when that happens, you need to be able to stick to your guns.

But before you get there, the question is, HOW do you find these disruptive opportunities? How do you deal with large establishments who end up hating you? And how do you continue to barge your way forward alone to make millions?

Learn together with us on through an evening of disruptive innovation with Matt Mickiewicz, on 13th January, at 7pm. Matt is listed as one of the TOP 30 entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes and Inc. In this session, Matt will talk about how to find disruptive opportunities, piss off the establishment, delight customers, and make millions.

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About Matt Mickiewicz :

Matt Mickiewicz is currently the co-founder and CEO of – a marketplace for recruiting tech talent in SF and NYC. Prior to Hired he co-founded Melbourne-based, and grew it into a profitable, multi-million dollar company without any venture capital or outside funding. The company has been profitable every single month since its inception and is actively involved in publishing & marketplaces for Web Professionals.

In 2008, Matt has spun off 99designs out of SitePoint as its own seperate business. 99designs has become the market leader in crowdsourced graphic design and currently sees a new graphic uploaded to the site every 5 seconds and pays out over $1,500,000 to designers every month.

99designs has run crowdsourced design projects for tens of thousands of small business owners, as well as big brands like Adidas, TiVo, Dish Networks, Wikipedia, and bestselling authors like Tim Ferriss and Rick Warren (author of “The Purpose Driven Life”).

99designs raised $35 million from Accel Venture Partners, Michael Dearing / Harrison Metal, Dave Goldberg (SurveyMonkey), Anthony Casalena, and Stewart Butterfield (Flickr).

In June of 2009, Matt and his business partner Mark Harbottle launched, a marketplace for buying and selling small websites via auction. Flippa currently sells over $3 million worth of website assets per month with over $110 million in completed sales under its belt.

 Tech Cocktail conversation with Matt Mickiewicz


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