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by Wendy Soon on December 23, 2013

iStock_000027660598Small_design3We once asked our friends, what design is to them, in 6 words. And we received some amazing replies. This sparked our next thought — why not stretch the imagination, and think about what the FUTURE of design would be? And this time we received ideas that were so out of the world, so creative, and so awesome that it blew our mind! Here’s sharing some with you:

Invisible Design; Is it even there? – Christina Pham (Honourable mention, most interesting)

Designs invisibly weaving technology into lives – Atul Padha (Selected by Don Norman for Prize)‏

Design will be accessible to everyone – Arun Venkatesan (selected for Prize)

Embedding design principles into everyday thinking – kasey a (Selected by Don Norman for Prize)

Even older people care about design – Ahmad Al-Ghazi

Customer perception design will be essential – Ahmad Al-Ghazi

Design as human brain wired : Bresign – cagrikarahan

Minimalist tension resists pervasive proactive personalization – steve pollock

Contextual cues cleanly cure cantankerous commands – steve pollock ‏

“Design intelligent” finally trumps “intelligent design – steve pollock ‏

Emotional intelligence will enter design language – steve pollock ‏

Delightful designs everywhere, still 99% Invisible – Dave Land

Not as different as we’d hoped – Dave Land

Professional designers abound, but fewer “rockstars.” – Dave Land

UX no longer called “eye candy.” – Dave Land

Have a future: respect your users – Dave Land

Delightful designs with environmental responsibility – Dave Land

Future of Design only *Looks* Simple – Scott McReynolds CPA

Future of Design is seamless integration – Scott McReynolds CPA

Less is more. UI melts away – Victor Karkar ‏

Devices are thin shells for information – Victor Karkar ‏

Free Flowing, Forward Thinking, Fantastically Futuristic – Vladimir Starov

Human behavior simulators automatically test designs – Steve Whetstone

Simulators surpass humans for design testing – Steve Whetstone

Invisible interactive wearable personal scalable experience – Jorge Corona

Devices serve us, not vice versa – Solatido

We all still have ten fingers – Solatido

People won’t get smaller or faster – Solatido

Innovate the design impact the world – Hira ‏

Wearable, usable, invisible, timeless, multi-cultural, inspiring! – Natali Asher ‏

Robots will do detailed design work – John Bailey

Always something that moves us – Kerry skemp

Solar-optimized culinary culture is in – Eckhart Beatty

Best design is Simple & focused – Suyash Joshi

Design becomes part of the body – Lesley Bell

listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, – Erik-Paul Gibson

Innate Intuitive Inviting Instant Immutable Invisible – rohit arora

Intuitive Personalized Flexible Dynamic Multi Sense – Chen Zheng ‏

Creation, destruction, transformation, and serious debauchery – Michelle Kosterich

Cannibalism.  Design is all about cannibalism – Michelle Kosterich

Robots will do detailed design work – John Bailey

Wearable, usable, invisible, timeless, multi-cultural, inspiring! – Natali Asher ‏

Evidence-based design with formal methodologies – arnfarn

Life changing with more audience participation – Tara Sripunvoraskul ‏

Big data optimizing design best practices – Alpha Method ‏

Design becomes transparent, seamless, and ubiquitous – Darren Luvaas

Design will be focused and invisible – Calvin Ly ‏

Balancing the imbalance with a smile – Calvin Ly ‏

Rethinking existing design for better usage – Yezhisai

Experience; physical to virtual, carefully designed – Tom Quast

Everything has touch and haptic feedback – Christopher Gammage

Dynamic Demanding  Intuitive 64bit Voice-Controlled Self-Aware – Kenneth Ervin Young ‏

Doors open automatically. No Push/Pull – neerabail ‏

Minimal intuitive uninvasive eco calming human – Dave Deriso

Design will move to invisible space – Peter Kuhar

It is all about the content – Brittany Mederos

Empathetic. Universal. Connected. Data-driven. Different. Humorous – Jade

Mitchell: Corporate Lawyers Learning from Designers – Barbara Z. Haven

Design becomes an everyday enjoyment – Barbara Z. Haven

Easier to use for all always – Barbara Z. Haven

human-centered, collaborative, cross-disciplinary, transformative – Richard Anderson

Thoughtful, Applied, Solve Real Problems for Man – Mridu Arora


Is this sparking your creative juices too? If so, share your ideas with us by tweeting your 6 words together with #FutureDesign #Igniter6word @Vorkspace! 🙂

(find out the history behind the 6 word game here, and other examples of our 6 word hits here)


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