Hack Your Way to a Startup Community

by Wendy Soon on May 19, 2014



Our Igniters meetups are organized to center around building early stage startups. Not only do we invite the best speakers to give advice to startups based on their own experience in building and leading startups, we design the entire event around loads of networking opportunities, so founders can meet potential co-founders as well as customers and investors.


If you had missed our most recent meetup with Tatyana Kanzaveli on building a community around your startup, fret not. Slides are available here, and watch a full video capture of the event below

Our next event is going to be MEGA. Geoffrey Moore, author of the book “Crossing the Chasm“, will be speaking!  (read more about him here) Grab your opportunity to meet Geoffrey and receive some personalized advice from him! 27th May (Tue) at 7pm, sign up here now!

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