Hacking Dreams and Teams: Steps to Take Today to Build Your Startup – Don Daglow

by Wendy Soon on July 13, 2016

dondaglow_bannerDo you have a dream project? Is there something that you really want to spend your time executing, but you either do not have the resources to do so, or you do not know how to get about starting? This could be ANY dream project – a startup, a foundation, a movement. Don Daglow shares with the igniters on 10 ‘simple’ steps to follow when starting your dream project


  1. What attracted you to this project? What made you care so much about this project? Why does it matter?
  2. What will your title say when you picture yourself after this project has started? CEO, COO, CTO? What will you be spending most of your time doing?
  3. Do you need anyone else to execute the project? Is this going to be a team project or an individual-run project? If you need a team, who will be the next person you hire after yourself, and what will be his/her job title? Do you already have someone in mind?
  4. How will your team resolve conflicting ideas? If your team is divided on a key issue about your company strategy, but open debate doesn’t lead to a clear consensus, what will you do?
  5. Will you be working part-time or full-time on the project? If full-time, how much money / revenue will you be bringing in for SURE, and how long will that sustain you and your team?
  6. How many people depend on your income? How does your partner feel about your risk?
  7. What is the project in your career did you get the most praise about?
  8. What is the biggest project you have ever worked upon from start to end? (regardless of success) What was your role in that project?
  9. What is the biggest project you had ever won?
  10. How would you feel if someone you respected or someone with authority (e.g. Oprah??) said your project was awful? What would you do if your dream project did not make any money (if you expected it to)?


For the full webcast, visit the Vorkspace Youtube Channel:


About the speaker:


Don Daglow has worked in multiple startups over the last 35 years, and his experience spans much of the modern history of Silicon Valley. His work has been honored with a Technical Emmy® and at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Starting as one of the original five console engineers at Mattel Electronics in 1980, he became Director of Applications Software for what grew to be a 1,200-person organization. In 1983 he joined a small Silicon Valley entertainment startup called Electronic Arts, which went public and became a multi-billion dollar corporation. After working as an executive for Broderbund, which was sold to The Learning Company for $416 million, he founded Stormfront Studios, which he led for 20 years and which created products that generated sales of over $500 million at retail.

He now serves as CEO of 4thRing Inc., an early-stage software startup, and continues to work as an executive advisor for companies ranging from small teams to major international corporations. He also serves as an advisor and mentor at the Founders Space business accelerator in San Francisco.

In 2008 Don accepted a Technical and Engineering Emmy® Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his creation of Neverwinter Nights, the first graphical game of its kind, which paved the way for global hits including Everquest and the multi-billion-dollar World of Warcraft. He also received the CGE Award in 2003 for “groundbreaking achievements that shaped the video game industry.”  

He is also the author of the highly-rated new San Francisco mystery novel The Fog Seller.


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