Hank Barry, Finance Hacking, Lighting Pitches and Beer!

by Wendy Soon on October 14, 2013

hankbarry2 Hank Barry’s meetup was a total sell out! (Video and notes available here) Find out more through the eyes of photographer Brian Byllesby here:   The event was held amidst a bunch of hackers and founders, at shared workspace Hacker Dojo. p298663892-4 Hank Barry giving his unique perspective of seeking startup funding and dealing with all finances, with a comprehensive consideration of founders, funding and legal implications. Read more here. p812656821-4 p859064047-4 p57566480-4 Attendees taking every chance to interact, network, and learn from Hank. p510798832-4 The organizers and Hank arranged for a lightning pitch session for all attendees, whereby everyone had to pitch their startup idea in 6 words. Yes, JUST 6 words. (see examples here) The best 6 word pitches were selected to enter the hot seat to give a one minute pitch to the audience, and receive valuable feedback from Hank Barry. And of course, they each won a prize from Mrs Moskowitz Munchies :)p119580721-4 p35785569-4 Besides learning from Hank, there was also ample opportunity to network and meet other founders to form exciting collaborations. p430912903-4 p291753050-4 The reason the networking was awesome :)p413628790-4 Igniters meetup, brought to you by the Vorkspace team, Hank Barry and its awesome Stanford Ignite alumni volunteers. p367018853-4

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