Just 6 words, to Disruptive Innovation!

by Wendy Soon on January 14, 2014

iStock_000003581898Small_disruptivebanner2In line with our Igniters meetup on disruptive innovation, we asked our friends to tell us what disruptive innovation means to them. And if you know us well, we of course limited the answers to just 6 words! (history behind 6 word game here; other 6 word game examples here and here)


Here are our favourite submissions:


Invent future, like there’s no past!!” technovigno

Point chaos in an advantageous direction” Solatido

”Disrupting the sleeping giant called convention” Sophia

“The marriage of technology and diversity” Coby Skonord

”Square peg in a round hole” Amy Cagle

”Looking at existing ideas upside down” Pashmeen

”Positive game changer using tech creatively” Silicon Valley Story

”Viral redirection of resources and minds” Leslie Pound

“New ideas for a better world!” Steve Omohundro ‏

”Humankind resists disruption, until it’s necessary” Solatido

”Faster, Better and Easier for Many” Art Cohen

”Disruption resets the forest floor, renewing life” Urban Logic

”Disruption is wiping out dinosaurs with a comet” Recomonk


Join in the fun, by tweeting YOUR ideas to disruptive innovation, and including the tags #disruption #igniter6word @Vorkspace 🙂


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