Meet with the King of design, Don Norman!

by Wendy Soon on December 5, 2013


The most exciting meetup of the year, ending it with a blast, is one with Don Norman, king of design!

Date: 17 Dec 2013 (Tues)

Time: 7pm

Location: Silicon Valley

Sign up NOW at: Igniters Meetup website


One of the World’s Most Influential Designers, Don Norman, former Apple vice-president and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, is the author of the classic book “The Design of Everyday Things“, a must-read for any executive looking to understand the scope of design.

This meetup will be a discussion session with Don. In addition to lots of questions about UX design, his books etc., Don understands the pain of startups. He was a VP of Apple and is now a board member and advisor to numerous startups in the US and Asia. He is also co-founder of a current hardware (cooking appliance) startup, so he fully understands the pain of doing early prototypes and raising money.

Don will discuss any topic of interest to the group, responding to questions from the audience. Know what’s new in the revised “Design of Everyday Things”, what has been added — and why.  Norman is a big fan of MVP — The Minimum Viable product philosophy.

Don coined the term “user-centered design” for the first time in his book “The Design of Everyday Things”, and this is the chance to understand your users and what user-centered design actually means, from the author himself! Get the revised edition of The Design of Everyday Things for an opportunity to also get it signed by Don himself!

As a preview, here is the Ted session of Don Norman: 3 ways good design makes you happy. In this talk from 2003, Don turns his incisive eye toward beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion, as he looks at designs that make people happy. He names the three emotional cues that a well-designed product must hit to succeed.

Don Norman studies how real people interact with design, exploring the gulf between what a designer intends and what a regular person actually wants. His work has resulted in some classic books, including “The Design of Everyday Things.

Don’s TED talk


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