How to pitch your startup in JUST 6 WORDS?

by Wendy Soon on October 18, 2013

super_star_logo_21What better way to lightning pitch your startup, than in just 6 words? There’s all these talk about elevator pitches, one minute pitches, but seriously, do you always get THAT much time before boring your target listener? Here, we propose practicing the ultimate lighting pitch — in just 6 words! 6 words is long enough to explain the true essence of a startup, but short enough to pitch to the busiest person on earth. Also, it is short enough to not forget the important stuff even when you are so nervous meeting with the most important person you can ever imagine 🙂


So we wanted our friends to all try out this fantastic way of pitching. In addition to Hank’s session, we also did a lightning pitch session! Founders were asked to describe their startup in 6 words. No more, no less (check out why we do the 6 word game here)

The best 6 word pitches were then given the opportunity to enter the hot seat, to pitch their startup in 1 minute and get precious feedback from Hank Barry, a former partner from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.


Here are some of the best 6 word pitches we received on twitter (#igniter6word):


“Turning stumbling blocks into building blocks” Meleah Hall, My Education Mentor

“Helping alumni communities come to life!” Edoe Cohen , Alumni Community

“Dating between friends and friends-of-friends” VS Joshi, TrintMe

“Hyper-relevant social networks enhancing life” Jon V, meta-presence

“Enabling Technology today in Exciting ways!” Kelly Wheeler, GlassIDMe

“Personal video domain with auto tagging” Ramsri Golla, Viblio

“We make photography better through sex” Tom Zimberoff, PhotoButo

“Home estimate value, home service solutions” Thanh Trinh, Your Homes Today

“Solving wait pain with dynamic lines” Darren Luvaas, Queue Technologies

“Science data with mobile and hadooop” Ben Burford,

“We find you the best mechanic” Prakash Goswani,

“More accurate GOS without the cost” Mitchell Pearce, OnlineImage.big

“EXOFS, the best at fuel savings” Desrentes, EXOFS

“PRIMARQ, the NASDAQ for home equity” Mikka Pineda, PRIMARQ

“Change your Career Using Online Courses” MichaelQuincy Larson, Course Forward

“We print sustainable homes, one day” Antoine Strauss

“Lasers for early detection of cancer”Manu Prasanna, Infrasign

“We enable friends to ship together” Prasad Kopanati, manyship

“Imagine Saratoga mountain winery with cannabis” Adam Oback, Karma

“Check call check call check raise” Cyrus Partow

“Help SaaS startups  from Europe globally” Piotr Wilam, InnovationNest

“We’re the Uber for mobile notaries!”

“Time & location-based file sharing” Rod Valades, Roly

“Small fleet management made simple. Finally” Patryk Szymczak, CloudYourCar

“Real-time sports news and data visualization” Beyond the Box

“Stay connected while driving, hands-free” Ezi Boteach, StreamShell

“Spend time with customers not Accounting” Scott McReynolds CPA, Seamless Accounting

“Turn black wastewater into blue gold” Yuan Lung (Alan) Luo, Pure blue tech

“Build a Siri API for developers” Paul Shi, Jarvis

“Learning online? Your whiteboard is ready” CooCoolu

“Help data-driven publishers find addictive stories” JukePop Serials

“Servers that use 1/4 the power” Low Power Company

“House MD now in your PC” Piotr Orzechowski, Symptomate

“The Silicon Valley Story dot com” Silicon Valley Story


Now, how about trying creating your own 6 word pitch? Share them with us below, or on twitter by including handles @vorkspace and #Igniter6word.

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