Story Hacking for Startups – Joseph Prabhakar, 19th Nov 2015

by Wendy Soon on November 11, 2015

story_bannerEverybody loves stories. Kids love bed time stories of monsters and fairies. Teens are attracted to stories on mystery, fantasy and love. Even adults are easily engaged by good stories. Stories are part and parcel of our everyday life, and are the best way to attract attention and arouse emotions. Founders begin an elevator pitch with a story. Startups hire employees with their story. Leaders motivate their team members with a story. Everyone knows how to tell a story, but do you know how to tell a GOOD story? By combining powerful life experiences with the art of expert delivery, leaders today can use business storytelling to communicate their ideas in a compelling and impact way to a variety of different audiences. How do you actually do that? Joseph Prabhakar will tell us how.


Date: 19th November 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 7pm

Venue: Mountain View, CA

Sign up: HERE (for both in person and online attendees)


We assure you an evening of great knowledge and fun, as per our usual Igniter events! 🙂


About the speaker:

Joseph Prabhakar is a master story teller and is very passionate about helping people understand the power and influence of words and stories.”

Powerful orator, consummate storyteller and a stellar executive coach, here is Joseph’s mission.

“With 20+ years of corporate life, I have been through the grind of day-to-day work life. Having witnessed corporate life first hand and risen through the ranks, I am aware of and appreciate the challenges that people face and the hoops they have to jump through.

Coming to think of it, work to me had always been about food. Putting food on the table for my family and I. While the quality and quantity of the food consistently got better, I was lulled into thinking that I was doing all the right things. Great salary. Fat bonus checks. Corner office. Fancy title. The whole nine yards. But it all boiled down to putting food on the table.

It was never about living up to my true potential. Life was not about what I truly wanted to do. None of what I did was about living my passion. My passion was empowering people. Teaching them to discover their true potential and living it. Something that I did consistently for my teams all over the world. 

This to me is a journey of self-discovery. This is my message. Living my passion and doing it the way I would want everyone to do it. Today I am pursuing a career that allows me to live my passion to empower people, help them find their true potential, start from wherever they are and build it all from the ground up.

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