UX Hacking with Everett McKay

by Wendy Soon on November 20, 2013


At our most recent Igniters Meetup, Everett McKay, principal of UX Design Edge, gave many tips and ideas on how to create great UI/UX without the need of excess time, money and skills. (Read more about the specific tips in our previous blog post here)

Picture5 Picture4 Picture3

Obviously, from the faces of the audience, Everett’s session was very well appreciated 🙂


What is a meetup without loads of networking, chatting, and inspiration? We augmented this process with the special 6-word game, which we started a couple of meetups ago.


Susan Moskowitz, owner of snack food business Mrs Moskowitz Munchies, with one of the happy prize winners of our 6-word game.


And of course, we fuel you throughout the meetup with food and drinks, so you have the energy to learn new stuff and meet new people. Notice that we do not forget the health-conscious bunch of people within the group 🙂


Brought to you by the Vorkspace team, Mrs Moskowitz Munchies and fellow Igniter volunteers!


Hope to see you at our next meetup on 17 Dec, with renowned designer Don Norman! Sign up here now to assure yourself a seat! 🙂

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