What do you want to ask Laura about UX research in startup?

by Vorkspace Team on August 7, 2015

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We asked our members this question at the last meetup and we were flooded by questions. Here are the top ones. High Quality video of the event coming soon.

  • “How do you address the fact that people say one thing in a survey or interview but often do another when they actually play a game or interact with your app?”
  • “I’m interested in best practices/Ux research frameworks. Would be great if I can discuss pain points of my product as well =)”
  • “what are your thoughts on photo-realistic virtual try-on software, and its current and future impact on apparel and accessory e-commerce?”
  • “I’m a HCI PhD and I am looking for UX researcher position after graduation. What do you suggest for my first job after graduation?”
  • “How is conducting UX research in a startup different from and similar to conducting UX research in a larger corporation? In what ways does your strategy change?”
  • “How do you kick off UX research for a new project?”
  • “What does she think is the best stack/toolset for gathering data on your designs?”
  • “What are cost effective ways to build into a product which can give meaningful and actionable insights to UX?”
  • “What’s the most cost-effective (free?) way to engage users for a startup before any serious funding?”
  • “How can you gain scalable quant and qualitative research data in such rapid lean development iterations.”
  • “How to do UX cost effectively”
  • “Insist on how to get this better data”
  • “What should we be measuring?”
  • “learning to use data to design better user experiences is a very important topic for me as an entrepreneur, I am ready to learn!”
  • “How do you prioritize research projects?”
  • “What’s the best way to ensure UX-centric thinking is a part of the company’s DNA?”
  • “Doing user research for novel ideas, that the market doesn’t have any experience with yet.”
  • “How to do user research for app design”
  • “Best way to attract Stanford grads for start-up.”
  • “Is there a tool that alllows UX profesionals not only to gather but also to easily analyse the research data? I would also want to know best practices to gather better data.”
  • “I actually want to ask lean UX research (challenges, recommendations) in bigger corporate environment with engineering/PM centric decision process.”
  • “Is mobile UX research changing our overall understanding of product usage? If so, how?”
  • “How much experience does one need to be hired to do UX research in a startup?”
  • “What roll do you believe UX serves in a startup? What stages should UX be involved during a startups development?”
  • “When compared with research done by larger teams with longer schedules, how do you ensure your UX data is high-enough quality to have confidence in?”
  • “What methods are used and how do you advocate for it?”
  • “What are the most effective tools for gathering quantitative user data?”

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