10 qualities of a truly great team

by Wendy Soon on September 2, 2013


What makes your team great? Or if you’re forming a team, what qualities do you want in your team? Here we suggest 10 top qualities that a truly great team should possess.




  1. Trust. Everyone in a team has a different role, but every role comes together towards a single goal of the team. As such, everyone directly or indirectly depends on the other team members on producing work. But, if a team member does not trust another to produce the work, and starts breathing down his neck to make sure things get done, he is displaying distrust that his team member is capable of achieving, and there goes trust, respect and joy in the team. A truly great team is made up of team members that completely trust one another to get things done. If you can’t trust a particular team member, change your mindset or let him go.

  2. Embraces different ideas and opinions. Diversity creates ability. We mentioned in our earlier blog post about how a heterogenous team generates the best ideas. But besides having a diverse team, the team has to embrace the differences for the benefits to shine. Friendly disputes are healthy, so embrace them!

  3. Is not afraid to challenge. Fear is the biggest obstacle to creativity and growth. It is the cancer of a team, don’t let it grow! Be particularly attentive to members who either suppress others, or members who are to express their opinions. Strive to create a fearless team, challenge everyone to challenge everyone else.

  4. Cooperates. A team that doesn’t work together, is not a team. It is merely a group of individuals.

  5. Contains no procrastinators. Even though it’s not a crime to be a procrastinator, it’s something we don’t really want in a truly great team. The reason being, procrastination spreads easily, and if the team relies on work generated from each other very heavily, efficiency of the entire team can be affected by having just one single procrastinator. So procrastinators are not too desired on a team striving to be productive.

  6. Is committed. Being committed goes a long way. Motivation, drive, support etc all rise from being committed. If your team members are all committed to the company/team, there will be no problem getting them motivated, and no problem getting things done, because everyone has the same final goal of bringing the company to success.

  7. Is respectful of one another. Respect one anothers’ different backgrounds, personalities, cultures and preferences. Watch your language, and remember that even if you don’t mean it, sometimes it sounds more than what you meant to another person. A great team cares for their members’ feelings, and always thinks from their point of view before saying or doing anything, to make sure everyone feels respected. Being respectful is the first step to a happy team.

  8. Supports each other to get things going. We all face bottlenecks all the time at work. Sometimes, a particular part of the pipeline gets clogged up and all work is limited by how quickly that person can clear his/her work. The best team is when all other team members come together to offer help in loosening that bottleneck when they realize assistance is needed there. They don’t care about losing their “free time” that they could otherwise have, they care more about working together, as a team, to get things done and move things forward. That, is what we call teamwork.

  9. Shares openly and willingly. A team is a team for a reason, and we have to share our resources and ideas with our team members to make things work. A truly great team needs to have members that share openly and willingly, without having to fear their ideas or credits getting stolen by another team member. This, of course, requires trust first, as we mentioned right at the start of this list.

  10. Knows other team members beyond a professional level. Admit it, we are social beings, and we cannot work like robots. Besides work, we also like to talk about our hobbies, families, partners, kids, holidays, personal goals, etc. Making an effort to know your team members would go a long way in helping the team gel together. A well-bonded team could easily achieve all the above 9 points.

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